European Resuscitation Council 2021

Throughout Europe, many National Resuscitation Councils under the banner of the European Resuscitation Council will organize activities on or around World Restart a Heart Day on October 16th 2021.

In 2021, The ERC is organizing One project for one year. National Resuscitation Councils will have the opportunity to develop one project during one year to support the promotion of CPR and World Restart A Heart.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (Udruzenje hitnih medicinskih tehnicara FBIH)will realize a new campaign, dated on October 15-16. 2021. in several BiH cities, where we will have workshops. The central event will be on October 16th in Sarajevo 11:55, in front of the largest shopping mall in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Sarajevo City Center . The same workshops will also be held on the squares in the cities of Mostar,Konjic,Kiseljak and Donji Vakuf October 15th 10:00.

This year, the workshops will focus on school children and the "Kids save lives" project.

We have already started with initiatives for children to have 2 hours of CPR in schools.

We expect that these events will be covered by the media and that we will animate the public to launch numerous activities, with the main result in the future – to have many more saved lives in our country.


In addition to survivor stories, the German Resuscitation Council is organising a campaign and petition #ichrettedeinleben around WRAH 2021. We are campaigning for a nationwide mandatory introduction of resuscitation lessons from the 7th grade at the latest and are very successfully gathering at least 50.000 signatures at the moment to get political attention. A lot of influencers are supporting this on social media. Information can be found at


After SARS Cov2 pandemic lock down on March 16th 2020 and subsequent sanitary precautions and restrictions followed by the large vaccination campaign supported by the government under the control of ministry of health, the health and sanitary situation of Luxembourg seems to stabilise now around October 16th 2021. Under the control of Ministry of Health, events and also courses are under the condition of declaration as "COVID-CHECK -Event “.With the support of the Ministry of Education, LRC will organize until the end of october 2021 and begin three ERC BLS-P and LRC -REAGIS courses with different high-schools. Other courses will follow in 2022.

Under the umbrella of one of the working group of LRC, all former demands of LRC REAGIS Courses and ERC-BLS-P which had not be considered because of the pandemic situation, all courses will be followed by organising progressively according to an agenda.A limited pilot project for teaching CPR through LRC REAGIS course for non professional trainees of different football clubs supported by different partners will soon be organised. If we succeed, tis pilot project can be extended to other clubs within our country.

United Kingdom

The UK is hoping for some socially-distanced face-to-face training. Since 16 October is on a Saturday, schools will not be opened so sports clubs will be engaged to promote CPR with children.

The Resuscitation Council UK is working in areas with low rates of CPR to organise CPR trainings and create a level playing field across the country.