Other Resuscitation Councils

These resuscitation councils are also promoting World Restart a Heart!

Indian Resuscitation Council

Pan Arab Resuscitation Council

Logo Indian Resuscitation Council

Indian Resuscitation Council

The Indian Resuscitation Councils is also preparing for the WRAH program in collaboration with WFSA and ILCOR.

We have conducted a poster making campaign which garnered good results. These posters will help us spread the word about the WRAH program all across the nation and raise awareness. We are sharing some of the results with you here!

We have created groups in each state to coordinate the activities.

Our first step is to identify the target audience. Accordingly all the city branches of ISA of the state have identified the target audience for the WRAH activities. We are focusing on schools, factories and offices. We are also calling meetings of health workers who work in the rural part of India at the district headquarters. Our aim is to conduct the CPR activities at their workplace without disturbing their work schedule.

As for the second step, we have created groups of Anaesthesiologists who will teach compression-only life support (COLS) to the target audience with hands-on training on manikins.In the last month we have equipped all the city branches of ISA with the little aani manikin from Laerdal, who provided us these manikins at subsidised rates. We have also donated a manikin to each branch from the ISA fund.

Our third stage is to create awareness about the activity. Accordingly we have asked all the city branches to conduct press conferences in their respective cities.

Compression-only life support workshops

In the week of September 3rd, Dr. Hitendra Mahajan from the Indian Resuscitation Council taught a compression-only life support (COLS) workshop in Leh and Ladakh. In the interior part of India, where it is often hard to receive medical help, the importance of creating awareness around COLS cannot be understated. The workshop received overwhelmingly positive response and the local doctors have agreed to support the World Restart a Heart campaign in October.

Find pictures of the event below!

COLS workshop 1

COLS workshop 2

COLS workshop 3

COLS workshop 4

Training on October 23rd

We made the entire country ready for imparting training for schoolchildren and laymen on 23rd October as we have planned. The Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists along with 20 other societies, including some universities, GVKEMRI and some non-governmental organisations, is bringing the CPR ( compression Only Life Saving) to the public.

The Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists has spend lot of money to spread COLS. They have established the centers for training, given out manikins for free to its city branches, designed posters, pamphlets, radio talks, video shoots, films and animations for the purpose. It has caught on like wildfire and is spreading all over India. We are meeting Ministers of State, Education, Medical and Health to inaugurate the workshops, promote them in the schools etc. The District administration headed by the the District Collector and Magistrate were requested to inaugurate the events. We have 150 centers established for the purpose and all of them will report the event by 6-00 PM IST.

Pan Arab Resuscitation Council

Saudi Heart Association

The Saudi Heart Association in Saudi Arabia is also taking part in World Restart A Heart and has created posters for the occasion:

Posters Saudi Heart Association

Oman Heart Association

The Oman Heart Association, as a member of the Pan Arab Resuscitation Council, will be conducting workshops on October 6th in five languages: Arabic, Hindi, Tagalo, Swahili and English. At the same time, they will also be conducting Hands-Only CPR for school children. Posters for the events can be found here:

Poster Oman Heart Association (English)

Poster Oman Heart Association (Arabic)

Ministry of Health

Poster Ministry of Health (Arabic)