Your song can save lives!

Do you have a song between 100-120 bpm? Do you know someone who does? Then you can help us save lives!

Songs with a beat between 100-120 bpm are ideal to successfully resuscitate a person to. For this year's World Restart A Heart, we are looking for artists who can help us out. Let your fans know that their favorite song can save lives by posting it on social media with the hashtags #WorldRestartAHeart and #MySongCanSaveLives!

Here is an example for such a post:

Did you know that my/our song (SONG) can save lives? The song has the same beat that is needed for resuscitation (100-120 beats per minute) in case of a cardiac arrest. On 16 October 2020, the World Restart a Heart Day will take place worldwide in order to draw attention to the importance of resuscitation. I´m/We are excited about the fact that my/our song can help! Listen to it and learn more here: Everybody can save a life! #WorldRestartAHeart #MySongCanSaveLives


Did you know that my song (SONG) can save lives because it shows the beat for resuscitation? Listen to it and learn more about resuscitation:

#WorldRestartAHeart #MySongCanSaveLives

Out of hospital cardiac arrest is the first leading cause of death in industrialized countries. If more laypersons were to start cardiac resuscitation (CPR) before the emergency services arrive, more than 200,000 people could be saved worldwide every year. By training the public in CPR and informing them about the importance of bystander resuscitation the aims of WRAH Day will be realised.

Why is bystander resuscitation so important? Three to five minutes after a cardiac arrest, the brain begins to die, but the ambulance usually takes a longer time to arrive. In this time, bystanders can help, particularly as most cardiac arrests happen in the home and are witnessed. But many people are afraid that they may do something wrong and therefore do not start CPR. For these people it would be helpful to know a song from their favorite artist that has the same beat as the rhythm of resuscitation.

For more information, feel free to contact Heleen Van Grootven at Let's all join together and save lives!