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Resuscitation Plus: a personalized surveillance tool for the latest research in your field


Are you struggling to stay up to date with the resuscitation literature as it relates to your area of clinical, research and guideline-related interest including first aid?

Is it nearly impossible to follow developments across the wide range of journals that might publish research that could influence your practice or trigger an update in existing council and/or ILCOR guidance?

To meet these needs, the ILCOR Continuous Evidence Evaluation (CEE) Working Group has joined forces with the Health Information Research Unit (HIRU) at McMaster University to develop a unique online and literature surveillance and alerting product called Resuscitation Plus.  The McMaster HIRU methodology includes reviewing over 120 journals for resuscitation-relevant content with new journals now added to the list after suggestions from the CEE.

This free access resource offers a number of functionalities of interest to the spectrum of emergency, critical care and prehospital providers.  Subscribers will received alerts tailored for content (based on task force affiliation or interest if not on an ILCOR task force), quality of evidence being captured and alert frequency based on their interests.  In addition to relevant information about a new study or systematic review, raters from around the world provide commentaries for each study and score the work for relevance and newsworthiness.  Resuscitation plus encourages engagement and commentary from users as it relates to the strengths, limitations and practical implications of emerging research in the field of resuscitation.

Resuscitation plus also features a comprehensive search engine interface that allows retrieval of evidence summaries through efficient use of limited search terms.  Resuscitation Plus is readily integrated across a number of social media platforms allowing subscribers to share content that they believe will be of interest. It also allows subscribers to maintain their own personal dashboard with saved articles of high interest with links to their institutional library interface facilitating retrieval of full-text articles.

Resuscitation Plus is open for all to use. To sign up go to this link and follow the simple instructions: