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New guidelines expected in 2010


Report on ILCOR meeting 12-13th March 2007, Sun City, South Africa

This 2-day meeting of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation comprised presentations and discussion relating to the 2010 consensus on CPR science review. It was agreed that a similar format to that used in 2005 would be followed, i.e., an international review of resuscitation science followed by publication of council specific guidelines.

The Consensus on Science Conference will take place in Dallas in 2010. David Zideman and Bob Hickey are the Conference Co-Chairs for C2010. Jack Billi and Michael Shuster are the Conflict of Interest Co-Chairs. The following task forces have been established, each coordinated by two co-chairs: advanced life support, basic life support, paediatrics, neonates, education and implementation, acute coronary syndromes, first aid, and stroke.

The next ILCOR meeting will take place in Orlando in November 2007.

Reported by: Jerry Nolan, co-chairman ILCOR