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ILCOR meeting November 2007 Orlando


ILCOR Report November 2007

The most recent ILCOR meeting was held in Orlando 1-2 Nov 2007. Most of the meeting was taken up with planning for the 2010 Consensus process with just a relatively short ILCOR business meeting. Some sample worksheets were presented and discussed by all participants. A system for classifying the level of evidence was presented by Peter Morley – it is hoped that this will be simpler and clearer to use than the 2005 version.

Several draft worksheets were presented and the 2010 worksheet questions were finalised.

Future ILCOR meetings
Ghent 25-26th May 2008
New Orleans 6-7th Nov 2008
Osaka, Japan March 2009
Chicago Nov 2009
Dallas Feb 2010 (C2010 Conference)

Likely publication timeline
1. Publish online and hardcopy 2010 Consensus on CPR Science and Treatment Recommendations (CoSTR) the week of 18th October 2010.
2. Publish AHA and ERC Guidelines online ahead of print simultaneous with CoSTR the week of 18th October 2010.
3. Publish hardcopy ERC and AHA Guidelines supplement the week of 1st November 2010

Jerry Nolan
ILCOR Co-chair