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ILCOR presents brand-new CoSTR website


ILCOR is proud to present its new CoSTR website. ILCOR has implemented a continuous evidence evaluation process to ensure timely delivery and dissemination of the highest-quality resuscitation science evidence evaluation and consensus on treatment recommendations (CoSTR). It is essential that all members of the resuscitation community—policy makers, organizations, healthcare professionals, patients, and the public—have easy and timely access to the most current evidence.

To facilitate this, ILCOR has transitioned from a 5-year cycle of evidence review to a continuous evidence evaluation process. CoSTR statements will be published as they are completed on the new CoSTR website and summarized in an annual CoSTR summary publication in major journals.

The new CoSTR website will be home to three versions of CoSTRs:

  • A draft version for public comment: after our task forces and expert reviewers have produced a draft CoSTR, members of the site will have two weeks to comment on this CoSTR. Membership to the site is free and commenting only requires disclosing any conflicts of interest.
  • A final draft: after two weeks have passed, the comments are closed. The task force will use the additional comments to revise and refine the CoSTR and produce a final draft. It will not be possible to comment on this version of the CoSTR.
  • A final version: This is the version of the CoSTR that will be published in scientific journals. Commenting on this version is possible and any comments will be taken into consideration when producing future CoSTRs.

This new website offers a unique opportunity for all members of the resuscitation community to become actively involved in the creation of new CoSTR. We look forward to your input!