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ILCOR is looking for Domain Leads!


The International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) is now accepting applications to fill a Domain Lead vacancy until December 31, 2019! This is an exciting opportunity to conduct evidence review on a grand scale! The domains covered by this position include Advanced Life Support, Pediatric Resuscitation, Neonatal Resuscitation, First Aid and Airway and Ventilation.


ILCOR's new strategic direction embraces a continuous review process rather than a batch and queue process as seen in the past with publications of consensus on science with treatment recommendations (COSTR) statements every 5 years.  As a first step, all questions that need to be asked in the evidence review process were converted into a standard format: population, intervention, control, outcome (PICO).


The ILCOR information specialists reviewed these PICO questions and have identified about  61 unique search strategies that define resuscitation science into repositories of topics called domains.  These unique search strategies would identify the literature for all PICO questions in the domain.  Based on these domains, the domain lead with assistance from a member of the continuous evidence evaluation working group (CEEWG) will build publication alerts to scan the published literature and suggest triggers when it may be appropriate to review an existing PICO question and the accompanying ILCOR published COSTR and knowledge gaps.


The domain lead will review these publication alerts and discuss with the relevant ILCOR Task Force chairs and decide when it is time to trigger a systematic review (SR). The domain lead with the Task Force Chair will decide whether the PICO question is simple enough for an individual systematic reviewer to lead a team or, when the question is more complex, work with a hired knowledge synthesis unit (KSU).


The Domain lead will oversee the review through to generation and posting of the ILCOR consensus on science with treatment recommendation and knowledge gaps.  If they contribute enough to merit authorship, the domain lead will be included as an author.  ILCOR will provide guidance documents and a monitoring program with timelines for the domain lead to work with the review team and the Task Force; these will ensure compliance with performance metrics and timelines.  The domain leads will be accountable to the CEEWG.


Please click HERE to fill out the application and visit the ILCOR website to receive additional information! Current Task Force members will be considered and are encouraged to apply.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at


Best wishes,


Gavin Perkins, MD ILCOR Co-Chair


Bob Neumar, MD ILCOR Co-Chair


Laurie Morrison, MD ILCOR CEE WG Chair