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Call for KSUs and Expert Systematic Reviewers (Deadline: March 13th)


ILCOR is now seeking KSUs and Expert Science Reviewers (ESRs) for our next round of evidence reviews. We are now in the process of looking for the highest priority PICOs and those which can be merged into a mega PICO (4-5 smaller PICOs).   ESRs will review one PICO and the KSU a larger and more complex one.


Should you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Bill Montgomery at  He will send you an introduction letter (email) from AHA procurement department as well as a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for you to be placed on the list to receive the RFP on or about 16 March 2018.

We hope you remain interested and encourage you to reply to the RFP once sent and received (Proposals will be due 9 April 2018). The NDA needs to be returned no later than 13 March 2018. We would hope to have all applications vetted and KSUs or ESRs selected by the end of April. Thank you again for your interest.

KSU / Expert Systematic Reviewer

Request for proposal

The American Heart Association is seeking applications from national or international knowledge synthesis units to complete complex and comprehensive systematic reviews with or without meta-analyses as indicated with the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR).

Scope of work for KSU and ESR

1) Conduct a systematic review of the literature using a methodology consistent with the Cochrane Handbook in collaboration with two content experts and one mentee recruited from the ILCOR website open to all those interested in resuscitation, education and first aid as selected by ILCOR

2) Coordinate and communicate with appropriate ILCOR task force(s) and domain lead regularly/at each step of workflow to review progress and findings

1) Complete the evidence profile tables ( and GRADE Evidence to Recommendation Framework (BMJ2016;353:i2089 within 4 months of initial search. This will be used by the content experts to generate the Consensus on Science and Treatment Recommendation Complete a systematic review with or without a meta-analysis as appropriate within 6 months or with a network meta-analysis within 12 months where appropriate, including PROSPERO registration and compliance with PRISMA reporting

2) Submit manuscript for peer review within 6-8 months for a systematic review or 12-14 months for systematic reviews involving a network meta-analysis and provide support through to successful publication within 12 months for a Systematic Review and 18 months for a systematic review involving a network meta from initial search

Deliverables for KSU /ESR

1) Executive summary

2) Detailed report including methodology, GRADE tables, inclusion and exclusion tables

3) Draft Consensus on Science and Treatment Recommendation and knowledge gaps using the ILCOR template

4) Manuscript on SR and meta-analyses where appropriate submitted for peer review after approval by ILCOR oversight body.

Knowledge Synthesis Units and ESR Applicant Units must have

  • Experience working for third parties and providing scoping reviews, systematic reviews, meta- analyses, network meta-analyses
  • Experience building and conducting comprehensive literature searches using Embase, Medline and Cochrane as a minimum
  • Access to all the relevant information electronic databases required to conduct a comprehensive literature search
  • Methodological expertise in systematic reviews and meta-analyses and network meta-analyses
  • Expertise and track record in GRADE methodology
  • Track record of collaborations with content experts to complete systematic reviews and meta-analyses

Skills considered an asset but not essential

  • Experience in the conduct of systematic reviews of experimental/animal trials
  • Experience in the conduct of systematic reviews in the field of resuscitation
  • Experience in the conduct of systematic reviews of qualitative studies and economic analyses