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Call for Comments on Advanced and Pediatric Life Support CoSTR related to Antiarrhythmic Therapy


The International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) has published in public comment draft form an Advanced Life Support (ALS) and a Pediatric Life Support (PLS) Consensus on Science with Treatment Recommendations (CoSTR) document utilizing a knowledge synthesis unit (KSU) in the new continuous evidence evaluation process.

Content experts and both the Advanced and Pediatric Task Forces also participated in the process as well. It can be found on the ILCOR CoSTR website.

Public comments are strongly encouraged and the comment period will close on 15 May 2018. Please be advised that it is in public comment draft form and will be posted again when all comments have been received and will be labeled “draft.” When a publication appears later in the year, the label will change to “final”. We look forward to your comments.


Laurie Morrison, MD CEE Working Group Chair

Bob Neumar, MD ILCOR Executive Committee Co-Chair

Gavin Perkins, MD ILCOR Executive Committee Co-Chair