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A tribute to Ian Jacobs


Ian was one of the world’s leading lights in resuscitation medicine and will be deeply missed by friends and colleagues across the globe. As co-chairman of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation he facilitated the activities of healthcare professionals and laypeople around the world and in so doing has undoubtedly saved the lives of many victims of cardiac arrest. It seems particularly cruel that Ian’s own life was taken so prematurely whilst he was actively trying to save the life of another.

Ian will be remembered for his dedication, kindness and compassion. His enthusiasm for life and for his academic work motivated all around him to strive hard to further the science of resuscitation. Ian’s training, experience and interests gained him considerable respect from paramedics, nurses and doctors from many disciplines and many continents. He made people from all walks of life comfortable, valued, and supported.

As a gifted researcher and expert in evidence-based medicine, Ian has made considerable personal contributions to our specialty. But his most significant achievements lay with his ability to get encourage people to collaborate and work together as a team regardless of their race or discipline. The secret of his success lay partly in his sharp sense of Aussie humour but also in the simple fact that he was a really great guy who was loved by all who worked with him.

Ian will be sorely missed by his international friends and colleagues, but we are determined to help commemorate his life in a way that he would have wanted.

On behalf of all of Ian’s ILCOR friends