Continuous Evidence Evaluation Guidance and Templates

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Access to the 2015 Digital Worksheets

Access to the 2010 Digital Worksheets

Appeal Processes Board Approved 23 May 2019

CEE Publication process and output v1.1 12 November 2018 CEE WG approved

CEE WG Generic Cover Letter Nov 18 2018 CEE approved

Checklist for CEE review Prospero and SR v1.2 22 January 2019 CEE approved

Checklist for CoSTR v1.0 07 Jan 2019

Closing the gap for all ILCOR COSTRs v1.0 8 April 2019 CEE approved

Conflict of Interest Guidance for CEE 23 May 2019

CoSTR Instructions for ESR KSU leads and TF Chairs v2.6 8 July 2019 CEE approved

Cover Letter to the Journal Editor v3.0 - approved 11 March 2019

Domain Assignments

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Task Force Reviews

Generic SR Workflow

Guidance Authorship Categories v2.0 8 April 2019 CEE approved


KSU and ESR team process - v2.5 CEE approved 1 April 2019

PICOST Diagnostic Template v1.0 - approved 18 Feb 2019

PICOST Template v 4.0. 11 March 2019 CEE approved

PROSPERO registration CEE template v1.1 - approved 09 Nov 2018

Requirements for CEE submission v1.0 15 Jan 2019

Resource Allocation Tool Apr 2019 v2.1

Responding to Public Comments TF chair guidance document v1.0 8 April 2019 CEE approved

Systematic Reviewer Workflow - example v2.0 CEE approved 27 Sept 2018

Task Force Evidence Reviews Guidance Document v1.0 SAC approved 5 August 2019

Task Force Scoping Reviews Deliverables v 1.0 SAC approved 5 August 2019

Task Force Systematic Reviews (TFSR) of interventions v1.1 23 Sept 2019 SAC approved

Task Force Systematic Review/Scoping Review PICOST templatev 1.0 SAC approved 16 September 2019

Task Force SR Template Version 1.0 SAC approved 5 August 2019

Task Force Systematic Review Reporting Template v1.0 SAC approved 2 December 2019

Task Force Scoping Review Guidance v1.0 20 Sept 2019 SAC Approved

Task Force Adolopment Instructions v2.0 2 Nov 2019 SAC Approved

Grade Guidelines Diagnostic Test

Grade Guidelines Prognostication

2020 Evidence Update Process Final

2020 Evidence Update Worksheet Final

Task Force Scoping Review Template Instructions v1.0 17 November 2019 SAC Approved

Task Force Systematic Review Deliverables  version 1.0_ 5 August 2019 SAC Approved

Adolopment Reporting Template v1.0 SAC Approved 2 December 2019

ILCOR TTM Statement 10 November 2019 Board Approved

QUIPS Quality ROB Instrument for Prognostic Studies 9 December 2019 SAC Approved


We are looking for Systematic Reviewer Mentees. ILCOR is offering this systematic review mentorship opportunity to build capacity for the conduct of high quality systematic reviews (SR) in resuscitation. Selected applicants will volunteer to be a mentor on an ILCOR approved systematic review conducted and lead by a contract expert in systematic reviews (ESR). The SR mentee will work collaboratively with the ESR to complete the work within the 29-week timeline.

Click here for more information and the application procedure (1.2 MB)