International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR)

The International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) was formed in 1992 to provide a forum for liaison between principal resuscitation organisations worldwide. Although the criteria for participation were not closely defined, member organisations were expected to have an accepted remit for creating resuscitation guidelines, preferably for more than one country, and to be multidisciplinary in membership. At present, ILCOR comprises representatives of:

- Australian Resuscitation Council

- New Zealand Resuscitation Council

The objectives of ILCOR are to:

  • Provide a forum for discussion and for coordination of all aspects of cardiopulmonary and cerebral resuscitation worldwide.
  • Foster scientific research in areas of resuscitation where there is a lack of data or where there is controversy.
  • Disseminate information on training and education in resuscitation.
  • Provide a mechanism for collecting, reviewing and sharing international scientific data on resuscitation.
  • Produce statements on specific issues related to resuscitation that reflect international consensus.

ILCOR meets twice each year usually alternating between a venue in the United States and a venue elsewhere in the world. In collaboration with the AHA, ILCOR produced the first International CPR Guidelines in 2000 and an International Consensus on CPR and ECC Science with Treatment Recommendations in 2005. Once again, in collaboration with the AHA, ILCOR is now co-ordinating an evidence-based review of resuscitation science, which will culminate in a Consensus Conference in February 2010. The proceedings of this meeting, to be published in October 2010, will provide the material for regional resuscitation organisations, such as the ERC, to write their resuscitation guidelines.

ILCOR Officers:

Gavin Perkins

Co-chair: Gavin Perkins

Robert Neumar

Co-chair: Robert Neumar

Koen Monsieurs

Secretary: Maaret Castren

Swee Han Lim

Treasurer: Peter Morley